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Open Field System Malaysia

Open Field System Malaysia


On average, at least 30% of water bills are for outdoor related watering. Therefore, it is economically viable to adopt water-saving open field systems for your landscape watering needs. Due to global warming, many nations across the world have called for the prudent use of natural resources, especially water.  It is thus critical to utilize efficient irrigation techniques for the yearlong thriving of plants.

Cutting-edge technologies in agriculture have rapidly changed the game regarding superior open field watering systems. In the golf market, companies have embraced innovative open field systems to maintain a competitive edge in the market. Emerging pump systems for open filed systems have led to vibrant greens, beautiful fairways, evergreen roughs, and exceptional human-made lakes. The golf course companies have worked hand in hand with irrigation experts to install open field systems that are tailored to their needs and specifications.

Modern open field systems have enhanced performance while promoting time and energy-saving capabilities. Regulating water pressure eliminates over-watering while promoting precision and intelligent irrigation.

Open field systems have revolutionized how agriculture is done. Innovative pumping and control innovations have been adopted around the globe, increasing yields for both subsistence and commercial growers. Open field systems have helped many people to match their water supply with water distribution.

High-efficiency pumping is realized through the use of modern open filed systems, enhancing both energy and labor savings. Properly installed open field systems also improve the quality of yields in the agriculture sector. Minimized cost of operations also increases the economic margins for growers.

Modern Open field systems are increasingly being utilized around the globe to enhance landscape aesthetics. A variety of techniques are available to suit various landscape applications such as schools, nurseries, parks &recreation, cemeteries and business parks. Working with the right professionals ensures that open field system, especially pumps and control systems, are tailored to your landscape needs. Innovative technologies have enhanced matching of the pump output to water demand for your landscape.

A rain sensor for open field systems switches off watering immediately it starts to rain. The sensor also accounts for the watering levels to prevent over watering. On the other hand, evapotranspiration (ET) controller processes real-time weather data and adjusts the watering schedule appropriately.

Automated open filed systems are aimed at enhancing the customer experience while boosting efficiency. Such watering systems ensure convenience, enabling watering for your landscape even when you are out of town. Adhering to a strict and regular maintenance schedule for optimizes overall performance in the long run. A certified irrigation professional is your best resource for quality open filed system design, installation and proper repairs.

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