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Root Watering System Malaysia

Root Watering System Malaysia


If you want plants to thrive, it is essential to grow them with the right roots network from a young age. Deep watering encourages the root network to become deeper and healthier below the ground level. The equation is simple for growers: Moisture content +oxygen +nutrients= robust root system. Roots watering system distribute water where it’s most required.

Root watering systems facilitate the transfer of oxygen water and nutrients to the root zone of a plant. Long-term soil health and fertility is essential to increase yields and ensure yearlong production. Root watering systems also allow the escape of toxic gasses that affect growth. They provide a vast reservoir of moisture content.

High winds are damaging to plants, especially when they are young. Root watering systems ensure a stable and strong foundation against such weeds.  A firm foundation is achieved through a deep and extensive roots network. A rigid tube design allows for horizontal distribution of water and nutrients into the root region. Root watering systems are designed to be firm against root compression. Great root mass increases the uptake of moisture, water, and nutrients by plants.

Root watering systems are compatible with irrigation lines, thus easy attachment to existing pipe network.  The entire system can be factory assembled, saving time and money. Pre-assembled root watering systems are available in different sizes to ensure design flexibility.

Root watering systems promote water efficiency and improved landscape through deepened root growth.

Majority of young tree mortality is because of insufficient water and nutrients. Root watering systems promote below surface watering and aeration.  Adoption of Root watering systems by growers has significantly contributed to improved survival rates and healthier produce.

Modern root watering systems have a pressure compensating bubbler to ensure appropriate watering of the root zone. Subsurface watering is highly recommended by many experts in the irrigation field. Root watering systems promote the accelerated growth of plants. The technique significantly reduces the quantity of water needed to irrigate plants and trees. Root watering systems also reduce the total water that is lost to irrigation.

Root watering systems are beneficial in eliminating shallow root growth through reducing water runoff. Their underground installation leads to a safer and long-lasting system, preventing injuries or breakage of aboveground devices. Below surface installation also improves the landscapes aesthetics.

An enclosed design for roots watering systems minimizes vandalism or theft of devices. Root watering systems have also eliminated the need for outdated watering bags.

One of the greatest challenges for growers is ensuring healthy root growth in non-ideal conditions such as drought, soil infertility, and poorly structured soils. During super-hot summer days, you can ensure your plants are healthy by pouring water which flows down the tubes and to the root zone.

A variety of root watering systems are available in the market. They accommodate customization to customer specifications. Root watering systems are designed to uphold flexibility due to changing watering needs.

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