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Sports Field Irrigation System Malaysia

Sports Field Irrigation System Malaysia


High-performance sports fields have been established across the world, employing the most advanced and sophisticated field irrigation systems. Many companies are fully equipped to provide full turnkey services relating to drainage, rainwater recycling, customized sports filed irrigation systems and post-construction maintenance and consultancy services. Innovative machinery has been introduced, significantly improving the construction of both natural and synthetic fields.

Maintenance of high-quality sports turfs is impossible without irrigation. It is thus essential for sports companies and organization s to invest in the right sports field irrigation systems that are suitable for their needs. Most sports turfs have heavy use throughout the year. A proper irrigation system is thus essential to produce fast grass while maintaining quality. Such systems also hasten the recovery of grass after harsh environmental conditions. Rainwater is not sufficient to keep turfs healthy during hot climate.

Automatic field irrigation systems offer more convenience and supply water uniformly. . Such systems also have an automatic clock that can regulate water for a specific period. They also prevent under watering and overwatering. On the other hand, large water guns for watering turfs involve physically moving the pipes after irrigating each portion of the field. These manual systems require no piping within the field. Automated field irrigation systems save water compared to other irrigation systems. Advanced control functions also schedule watering depending on the prevailing weather conditions. The irrigation systems thus reduce labor costs.

Sports field irrigation systems play a huge role in reducing turf hardness. Such hardness is as a result of heavy field use. A hard turf leads to increased risk of injuries. Even with good grass in the field, it is essential to keep the turf moderately moist. However, it is essential that the professionals make sure it is not wet, which may lead to even more severe injuries due to slipperiness. Automatic field irrigation systems are critical in ensuring the turf is irrigated only when the grass needs water. Sports field irrigation systems also help to maintain temperatures that are favorable to players. Setting the right temperatures, especially during hot summer days, significantly reduces heat exhaustion and fatigue.

Sports field irrigation systems are designed to uphold the safety of players and those inside sports complexes. Sophisticated irrigation systems are designed for a wide range of sports applications such as football horse-riding, tennis, and rugby. Climatic factors such as temperature, wind, sunlight, and humidity determines the most suitable field irrigation systems to be adapted.

It is essential to carry out adequate planning before installation of a sports field irrigation system. This avoids wastage of resources due to the abandonment of some equipment. Regular tests should be done by filed irrigation specialists to ensure irrigation uniformity. The role of professional turf managers cannot be overstated.  They help in determining the most efficient program, besides operating the irrigation system. Field irrigation systems contractors should work closely with their clients and ensure the system is tailored to their requirements.

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