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Sprinklers Supplier Malaysia

Sprinklers Supplier Malaysia


Sprinklers are highly recommended to enhance the watering needs in agriculture fields, golf courses, lawns and other landscapes. Sprinklers are also used to provide a cooling environment while minimizing airborne dust. Sprinkler irrigation systems similarly apply water as rainfall. Water is pumped, flowing in the right pressure through a piping network. Sprinklers then spray the water into the air, and above the plants. The water subsequently breaks up into fine droplets, falling to the ground.

Sprinklers should be appropriately designed and installed to ensure uniform application of water. Sophisticated sprinkler systems are positioned on the ground and connected to the central plumbing system. Sprinkler heads come in a variety of sizes and shape. Modern sprinklers are automated to enhance performance.  Timers help in programming to set the watering at specific periods of the day. Retractable heads are essential to minimize damages during mowing or maintenance. Underground sprinklers function through the application of basic electronic and hydraulic technology. Sprinkler irrigation entails application of the water in a controlled manner.

Irrigation sprinklers are compatible with all irrigatable landscapes, whether uniform or undulating. When using sprinkler irrigation, water can be sprayed over or under the crop canopy. It goes without saying that a good supply of water, free of any dirt or sediments is essential to avoid problems of sprinkler nozzle blockage. Additionally, crops may be spoilt as a result of coating it with sediments. Solar controller is an innovative device that enables automatic irrigation by setting the frequency of irrigation, the start time and the duration of watering. It uses solar energy thus helping reduce energy costs.

Programming of controllers is customized to customer requirements. Sprinklers should operate at appropriate pressures to eliminate misting. Sprinklers are made of high quality and chemical resistant materials to achieve customer satisfaction. They provide ease of installation and are affordable to maintain cost economics. Rotors are high-pressure sprinklers that rotate and are driven by gear drive. Rotors can be designed to rotate in either full circle or part circle. On the other hand, sprays are low-pressure sprinklers that spray in a fixed water angle and pattern. It’s important to note that the uniformity of sprinkler watering can be affected by water pressure and wind, thus the need to position the sprinklers properly.

High-pressure sprinklers are mostly used for industrial applications. Such sprinklers make circular movements and are driven by a ball drive, gear drive, or impact mechanism. It’s worth noting that these sprinklers can be designed to rotate in a full or partial circle. Majority of sprinklers for irrigation utilize hydraulic and electric technology. It’s the irrigation system of choice for many applications, especially since it does not need a large labor force.

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