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Watering Timer Malaysia

Watering Timer Malaysia


Wastech has a wealth of experience in designing, building, consultations, management and trading of irrigation equipment and agricultural water solutions. As a formidable engineering firm, we also offer state of the art greenhouse technology. Our diverse clients have consistently trusted our company to supply topnotch irrigation systems for agriculture and landscape.

Wastech has for many years undertaken projects for diverse clients including golf courses, theme park developers government agencies, municipalities, building contractors, universities and highway authorities, among others. With our expertise and countless contacts in the industry, we are committed to ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. We have worked with reputable manufacturers to ensure reliable and long lasting watering timers for our projects.

Emerging trends and innovations have significantly improved the agricultural field, especially regarding the irrigation systems. Watering timers have been designed to boost the efficiency of irrigation systems. They regulate water flow through the use of an attached valve. Watering timers provide automatic timing of the irrigation system, regarding the desired frequency and the duration of watering. Each watering timer is tailored to suit a particular garden’s needs.

The amount of water administered through the irrigation system is precise. The role of watering timers in water conservation cannot be overstated. Watering timers boost productivity, especially in farms, by ensuring optimum results. They enhance watering convenience by through scheduling consistency. Engineers design the watering timers to withstand extreme outdoor conditions and very cold water. They also have programmed scheduling features and are compatible with a wide range of irrigation systems. Some watering timers are designed with a small screen displaying the program status.

Watering timers are easy to install with hose pipes. They have no additional tools needed. Most watering plants have a safeguard feature that shut the water off when the battery is low. Rain delay feature automatically pauses the watering when it starts raining. Every drop of water is only utilized when it is needed. This helps in saving water and prevents unnecessary watering of your lawn or garden.

Having a watering timer is a critical part of switching to an automated irrigation system for your residential or commercial landscape. A watering timer saves time and money, both in the short run and long run. When you water through the outdated hose pipe method, more than 50 percent of the water is wasted in evaporation and runoff.

Through the proper installation of a watering timer in your system, you can rest assured that your lawn, garden or farm is flourishing. This is very important, especially if you have a busy life. Irrigation of plants and lawns with a minimal amount of water over an extended period significantly boosts their growth. There is a wide range of watering timers available in the market. It is thus essential to seek professional advice before purchasing a particular one. Engineers with expertise in irrigation systems are very useful when choosing a watering timer that best suits your landscape needs.

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