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Weather Station Malaysia

Weather Station Malaysia


Agricultural weather stations have revolutionized the filed by offering Weather readings for the specific farming site. This enhances better management of an agricultural operation.

Installation of weather station should be tailored to grower needs. Modern weather stations are thus flexible in design. Customization of installation enhances performance.

Growers around the globe have adopted weather stations for their efficiency.  They are affordable, accurate and easy to use. Agricultural Weather stations offer real-time data regarding prevailing weather conditions within a few minutes. You have real-time data for weather conditions in your fields within minutes of opening the box.

Weather stations ensure real-time data to maximize yields while saving on costs. Weather monitoring also helps in reducing possible damage to crops due to various risks.

Solar powered and wireless devices enhance flexibility through the collection of data from even remote locations. Weather stations have played a considerable role in minimizing damages due to frost, which has an impact on economic gains. Prediction by weather station helps in preparing sufficiently and appropriate measures for protection for in case of frost events. Timely response helps in mitigating damages, thus increased yields.

Modern weather stations offer accurate and real-time data regarding critical parameters including precipitation, wind, solar radiation, air temperature, wetness, soil temperature, etc.

Such stations have user-friendly options, enhancing an onsite collection of the required data. They also have easy and flexible configuration capabilities, allowing for customization based on user preferences. Irrigation experts have also installed weather stations in Golf courses and playing fields, significantly improving the grass quality throughout the year. Weather stations are also widely used by livestock and poultry farming, especially for commercial applications.

Leaf wetness on the plant leaves and exposed areas influences infection of plants with diseases. A leaf wetness sensor precisely measures the surface wetness of plants to improve growth. Sensors should have regular maintenance and cleaning to enhance accuracy.

Evapotranspiration readings are essential in determining the most suitable time for irrigation. ET readings indicate the volumes of water a plant needs over a given period.

Analyzing the amount of water evaporating from soil and plant leaves helps in choosing the most suitable irrigation practices.

Monitoring Evapotranspiration (ET) levels obtained from a weather station enhances watering and fertigation decision making. It is critical that decisions regarding irrigation are based on the water demand of the individual plants. Solar radiation sensors should be mounted appropriately to enhance accuracy. They should also be free of shadows or reflected sun rays from objects. Growers should also avoid touching the diffuser, as this can affect the accuracy of the radiation sensors.

New technologies have led to the emergence of innovative weather station systems, providing high performance even in severe conditions. Consulting the right professionals ensures profound insight into the operations of weather stations.

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